is an interactive sculpture connected to social media to raise awareness for hunger issues in Philadelphia.  We have partnered with local non-profits: Philabundance, Coalition Against Hunger, Broad Street Ministry, and the Food Trust.  So stop by, take a photo, and #feedblossom!!


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This project is an interactive sculpture to increase awareness about food security in and around Philadelphia. We are building a 6 ft tall blossom sculpture which will be installed on Locust Walk at 37th and Locust. It will respond to Instagram and Twitter posts both physically and digitally. We are partnering with the local nonprofits Broad Street Ministry, Philabundance, Coalition Against Hunger, and The Food Trust to help to provide more publicity and increase their social media activity. 


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This project will be installed on Penn's campus in September 2016, during Hunger Action Month.

The social media posts with a specific hashtag will receive a response with a relevant fact about food security and cause the blossom sculpture to open incrementally. Once 10-20 photos are posted, the sculpture opens completely, exhibits a light show and closes to be "watered" again. At the end of the month-long installation on the University of Pennsylvania campus, the quantity of interactions will correspond to an appropriate financial contribution to the local charity from a local business partner.

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The student team is comprised of three graduate students at Penn.


Jono sanders

Engineering and Hardware Lead

Masters of Science in Engineering of Integrated Product Design, 2017


Phillip chang

Design and Fabrication Lead

Masters of Integrated Product Design, 2017


Sarai Williams

Communications and PR Lead

Dual Masters of Landscape Architecture and City & Regional Planning, 2017



Groups and People we would like to personally thank

PennPraxis-Design for Social Impact

PennPraxis-Design for Social Impact


non-profit partners

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